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This course has affected my outlook on myself in that it has affected my career goals. My goal has long been to open a restaurant, but I have never thought about the marketing side of that. Through this course, I have gained insight into the ideas of product differentiation and positioning, and these concepts will help my restaurant to succeed in today’s market. Because there are already so many restaurants, it will be important for me to find a way to make my product unique. By differentiating myself, I give the consumer reason to come to my restaurant rather than my competition. While my goal of opening a restaurant remains the same, the way I will approach it has dramatically shifted. I am looking forward to using these new tools to ensure my future success.


This course has impacted how I think about marketing as well. Before taking this course, I thought marketing was simply the process of putting up advertisements. I didn’t realize that there was so many other aspects that went into it. I had no idea the level of intensity that comes with marketing, or the importance of the consumer’s psychology and purchasing decisions. I think it has been really interesting to learn about this, and it has given me tremendous insight into the marketing process. After taking this course, I feel comfortable and confident in my marketing abilities, and believe that I have grown in my business knowledge.


Another impact of this course has been my outlook on human nature. Learning about consumer patterns and buying behavior has been really interesting for me. I knew that humans were predictable, but not to this extent. Marketers are able to identify and meet the needs of a certain person or group before the consumer even knew that they were in need. It is also interesting to me that people make purchasing decisions based on cultural and social influences. We are easily manipulated and controlled by social pressures, religious pressures, etc. Marketing identifies these influences and markets to the groups they believe they will find the most success with.





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