Sustainability and Marketing – Category Seven

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Sustainability is recognized as the ability to meet our current needs, without impacting future generations’ ability to meet their own needs. Over the years, sustainability and environmental awareness have increased greatly. The reason for this new eco-conscious boost is that we finally realized that at the rate we are using our finite resources, we will be completely bankrupt of them over the next few centuries. It has become a huge trend in the business and manufacturing world to “go green” and promote environmental awareness and increase sustainable practices.

It is crucial to the survival of our race that we begin implementing sustainable practices in our businesses. Rather than simply using up finite resources, we need to be spending money on sustainable product development and fuel alternatives while we still can. Many businesses are going green by switching to recycled napkins, potato-based cutlery, renewable energy, and roof gardens. Consumers that are environmentally conscious are more likely to purchase sustainable products, thereby giving the companies that produce them an edge over competitors.

Marketing can be implemented and used as a major catalyst for change when it comes to sustainability in business. If marketing were to ramp up and start advocating more for sustainability, the awareness surrounding this product will increase, and lead to a higher demand for sustainability.

Many large companies are doing their part to switch to sustainable practices, including Adidas, H&M, Nissan, and Samsung, all of which can be found on the Global 100, a list of the top 100 most sustainable companies. H&M, for example, allows customers to donate their used clothing back to H&M, to be reused in other products. By doing this, they are saving cotton, reducing waste, and creating a sustainable business model.

As the years go on, sustainability will become more and more popular. Eventually we will have no choice in the matter, as nature will force our hand over the course of time. It is important that we prepare ourselves for the future, and preserve our resources for future generations.


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