Outcomes 9-11

woman and business strategy


It is important to understand how marketing interacts with and is interdependent with other functional areas within a company. Marketers must interact with other areas within a company in order to get a true understanding of the product they are marketing. They are dependent on these areas because they receive knowledge from them, and these areas are dependent on them because without marketers, the product would not be successful.

It is critical to marketing knowledge to understand how the marketing mix elements are blended into a cohesive marketing program. The marketing mix elements (The Four P’s and Four C’s, listed in earlier posts) create a cohesive marketing program by building up a grouping of different marketing strategies, all of which coincide with one another in order to ensure that all bases are covered. The marketing mix covers price, availability, etc. The Four P’s and C’s come together to make sure that the consumer’s needs are being met and the product will be widely accepted and successful in the market.

Last but not least, this course has given me an understanding of the ethical and global issues facing people working in the marketing function. This includes sustainability, which is one of the major issues our market faces. It is important to our species that we begin to practice sustainability in our manufacturing, and marketing is the tool through which we can raise awareness. Many ethical and global issues can be addressed through marketing, spreading knowledge and awareness to the public. Some of the issues that marketers themselves face are ethical issues (such as the need to market products that are not detrimental to the consumer’s health), and global issues (such as the need to market products that are not detrimental to the planet’s health).


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